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Branded Magazines have a variety of uses, including:
• Direct mail to customers and potential clients
• Press/Marketing kit materials
• New project/product announcements
• Promotional pieces for retailers and advertisers
• Handouts for trade shows and conferences
• High impact visual aids

Branded Magazines enhance your marketing and promotional efforts:
• Highly recognizable
• Add credibility
• More persuasive than a standalone piece
• Customizable


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Custom Publishing or Branded Media is the most successful example of the publishing genre. Custom Publishing is designed to strengthen the relationship between you the client and your audience. Designed to reach a tightly focused audience; it creates a more authentic editorial environment and allows you the client the advantage to build a relationship of trust and loyalty with your customers, so they regard you and your business as the vendor of choice when they make purchases. This is accomplished by providing well-written content information and, often, advice, that meets the needs and suits the preferences of your target market. It serves the interests of the audience, rather than overtly plugging products and services the way traditional ads do.


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